POP Pilates® Remix Instructor Training

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What is POP Remix?

POP Remix is teaching POP Pilates® choreography to top hits or songs of your choice. In POP Remix, you must use the exact moves from the original song choreography and remix it into your new song choices.

Why POP Remix?

Adding Remix to your bag of instructor skills is going to help you bring a new layer of fun and creativity to your classes and will have your participants singing along and coming back for more! Once you complete and pass the course, you will be an official POP Pilates® Remix Instructor, which can give you a level up when applying for and teaching at studios and gyms.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn musicality, song anatomy, song mapping, and ultimately, how to teach a Remix class! Although this course is specific to POP Pilates®, many of the skills and techniques you’re about to learn are applicable no matter what you teach!

What will I get from the course?

You will receive a full and in-depth course to prepare you to teach remix. Course materials include:

  1. 9 in-depth instructional videos

  2. Workbook and worksheets

  3. 5 pre-remixed song recommendations and choreography notes

Can I just take the course or do I actually need to pass?

In order to become an official Remix Instructor and receive your Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), you must complete a short multiple-choice quiz and submit 1 Remix Track + notes for evaluation. You must pass both the quiz and the video evaluation.

How many continuing education credits (CEU/CEC) can I earn?

NASM: .2
ACE: .3

What if I've been teaching Remix this whole time?

Awesome, you're already a step ahead! We require that all instructors who have already taught Remix (formerly known as Freedom of Choice in the early trainings) get re-trained in this new course in order to continue teaching Remix.

Why did a Remix course get created if I already learned this? Why wasn't it included in the new Instructor Training course?

Great question! We revamped our new Instructor Training course in November 2020 to include more POP Pilates® and Pilates foundations and theories. We felt that by removing Remix, we were able to teach more important information and get the new instructor comfortable with teaching before throwing in an element of Remix.

The new Remix course is even more in-depth than what original instructors will have received in their initial training. This course will teach so much more about musicality, song mapping, and understanding music. It is a fascinating course in general, even for an instructor who wants to learn to freestyle their own class outside of POP Pilates. We developed this to be applicable no matter what you teach!

What opportunities are there for me as a Remix instructor? Why should I get certified?

We believe that an instructor should never stop learning. This course is a deep dive into musicality and choreography and we think it's important to learn this. Our mission is to continue to support and help instructors become the best they can be, and this course is just one of many we are excited to introduce!

In addition, as a Remix Instructor, you'll have a leg up when applying for teaching jobs because your new musicality and choreography knowledge can help you across any format. Plus, once we have you in our database as a Remix Instructor, we can call on you for opportunities as they arise, since we know you are serious about your POP career!

When do I have to send in my video evaluation?

There is no deadline to complete the course. But, if you need to claim your CEUs/CECs AND officially teach as a POP Remix Instructor, you have to pass a short multiple-choice quiz and pass your video evaluation. The video evaluation will be on a pass/fail basis and examined purely for your ability to adhere to the Remix requirements.

What does the video evaluation consist of?

All you have to do is send in one video of you teaching 1 Remix track and include your Remix notes for that song. You do not need to have students in your evaluation. We just want to make sure you understand the concept of Remix and are able to adapt it.

What if I don't pass my video evaluation?

We will be providing you all the tools and info to pass, so you should be set. In the case that we've found you need to work on Remixing, a re-test will cost $15.

How much does the course cost?

$29 for Instructors certified October 2020 and earlier
$49 for Instructors certified November 2020 til present
$15 for retest

In check out, please choose the option that applies to you. We will be cross-checking your certification dates, so please make sure to choose the correct one.

Is there a difference being trained as an Early-Certified vs. Newly-Certified Instructor? Why is there a price difference?

The course is the same for all. We have two different prices since our Early-Certified Instructors have been through a brief Remix training already in their original training. We have updated and created a deeper dive for Remix, so Newly-Certified Instructors will be receiving all this information for the first time. 

Regardless of when you got your certification, this info will be fun, educational, and help you advance your teaching skills!

Course Chapters & Videos

  1. Introduction & Prep Work

  2. Remix Foundations

  3. Anatomy of a Song & Song Mapping

  4. Using a Mapped Song for Remix

  5. Remix Demo

  6. Going Rogue

  7. A Different Approach to Remixing

  8. Special Occasion Classes

  9. How To Become a Remix Instructor

How long does the training take?

Completing all the videos and activities will take around 2-3 hours. Practicing and implementing your own remix tracks will take a few more sessions. 

If you have any other questions, please reach out to [email protected]. Happy teaching!

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Received POP Pilates® Certification in November 2020 to present

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Your Course Instructors

Samantha Thomas and Kim Stevenson will take you through a Remix journey! As POP Pilates® Master Trainers and long-time fitness instructors with dance backgrounds, you are learning from the best of the best.