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LIVE Training

Attend a live training led by one of our kick butt POP Pilates Master Trainers! Our Instructor Training Course will teach you how to become a rock star group exercise instructor, no matter what your experience level is. 

Online Training

Can't make a live training? Don't you worry! We offer a comprehensive and exciting training course that you can complete right from home!

So...what's the deal with POP Pilates?

We've got 7 Million+

people practicing POP Pilates all over the world! There's over 3000 classes taught every month.

We love great music

because that is what makes our choreography feel like a mesmerizing dance on the mat!

We're an army

of instructors who genuinely support each other and want to see each other succeed.

We've got moves

that most people in the fitness industry have never seen before. We're always innovating.

Get POP Pilates Certified!

Being a group fitness instructor is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. Plus...you get paid to work out while making people smile! That's awesome.

Get Certified!

"POP Pilates is not just another group fitness format. It is a COMMUNITY of like-minded individuals coming together to pave the way into a new fitness era, an era of acceptance, growth, and good vibes only! I am a better person because of what POP embodies. "

Hue Ta (Costa Mesa, CA)
POP Pilates Master Trainer

"POP helped me discover a passion for fitness, but more importantly, it has brought such amazing joy to my life! The community, the workout, and the smiles it brings to me and my student's faces is unlike anything I've ever experienced. "

Elise Greff (Houston, TX)
POP Pilates Instructor

"POP Pilates is not only a workout but a lifestyle that helps pursue a better version of you. The program has opened many new doors for me such as becoming a fitness instructor internationally and making new friends through our similar passions. There is something magical about the POP format and community that lifts each other higher and brings smiles to those in all fitness levels."

Risa Kimura (Tokyo, Japan)
POP Pilates Instructor

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