Bring POP Pilates® To Your Gym, Studio, or School

What Are The Benefits?

So. Many. Benefits. Here are few!

No Licensing Fees
Once certified, POP instructors can teach anywhere. Your club does not incur any fees to have POP on the schedule.

No Extra Equipment
No crazy new contraptions. Members will only need a mat and they are good to go!

All Music is Provided
We know getting rights to use music can get tricky, so we took care of that. Certified POP instructors are provided fresh new tracks every quarter!

Strong Social Community
There are over 5 Million Subscribers on POP Pilates® creator Cassey Ho's Blogilates Youtube channel literally looking to take a live class right now. If you have it, THEY WILL COME. 

Pre-Choreographed Classes
POP has 4 brand new and addicting choreography releases every single year. You can sleep well knowing that every POP Pilates® class will be safe, effective, and fun. It'll keep your members coming back for more!

How Can We Partner Together?

It's easy! We can connect you with POP Pilates® instructors already in your area.

In addition, we would love to host a POP Pilates® Instructor training at your studio! This is a great opportunity for your current instructors to train in POP Pilates® and to expand your reach to other interested instructors in your area.

The best part? It's all free.

In exchange for hosting a training at your studio, we'll gift you or one of your instructors a complimentary spot at the live training.

Simple, right? We can't wait to work together!

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